Fairtrade Vending provides hand washing stations for hire throughout Kent, London & The South East. We have a fantastic choice of Handwashing stations for hire including portable, mobile and plumb-inGet in touch today to discuss your requirements with us. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are required to prioritise cleanliness and handwashing facilities for their customers. Regardless of the size of your business or location, Fairtrade Vending are happy to implement hand wash facilities to improve the safety and hygiene of your venue.   

If you’re looking for an external handwash station, our model is ideal to be placed at the entrance of facilities such as offices, hospitals and cafes. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, our Sterizen portable handwash station models are the perfect handwash facilities for you. Explore our models below for more detailed information. 

Our Handwash Stations for Rent & Hire

The Benefits of Hand Washing Stations

Along with the station, fresh hand soap, water and towels can be provided by us. We are happy to assist you in the maintenance of an effective hand washing facility. Each manual fill provides 50 X 200ml of hand soap, ensuring that you and your customers remain hygienic throughout their visit.  

All of our stations are more environmentally friendly compared to hand sanitiser, and is also more effective in killing bacteria and viruses. Our equipment is particularly beneficial for people who cannot use hand sanitiser for religious reasons. 

We also operate in several industries, from handwashing and vending in schools and colleges to care homes, hospitals and hotels. Please see our sectors page for more about who we help. 

How we can help

  • Hassle-free delivery, set up and installation at the most convenient time for you. 
  • Excellent after-sales support, including maintenance if required. 
  • All hand wash stations are environmentally friendly where possible, with selected models manufactured from recycled plastic. 
  • Available for short and long-terms loans. We are happy to advise on the number of facilities you require. 

If you’re interested in our hand wash station rental services in Kent, London and the South Eastfill in our online contact form or call 0800 043 0435 today.