Workplace & Office Vending Machines

Get through the day with our workplace and office vending machines.

 Whether you’re a small team, buzzing start-up or large enterprise, having a vending machine in your workplace helps keep your employees refreshed and hydrated. Get in touch to discuss your needs with us. 

Fairtrade Vending offer quality vending machines for hire in London and across the South East. Our maintenance team can help keep your machine clean and stocked ready for people to use. We are fully flexible when it comes to length of contracts, and the type of machines we offer will depend entirely on your needs. For a free, no obligation consultation, ensure you contact us. 

Finding the right Machine for your Business

All our machines are modern, convenient, and well-sized to be placed anywhere in your office. From tabletop vending machines to slim vendors and larger machines we can help find the perfect one for your business. Whilst some businesses work 9-5, others operate 24 hours and throughout the night, so it is important you keep your machine well stocked. 

Based on your requirements and amount of use, we’ make recommendations accordingly. You may need hot drinks vending machines, snack vendors or a combination of both.  

We provide: 

  • Fairtrade coffee and tea 
  • Hot and cold meal options depending on your preferences 
  • Quality vending machines including cashless options and touchscreen of various sizes.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance 
  • Stocking and vending machine supplies 
  • Sorting VAT liability and collecting cash 

Our job is to provide hassle-free office vending machines that refresh your employees and keep them productive, whilst we do all the work for you. 

Other Workplace Solutions 

The nature of work is changing, requiring offices to be more flexible and emphasising employee wellbeing. Having snacks and drinks available in the office is a part of this shift. 

We also provide office water coolers, and hand wash stations to ensure employees are well-hydrated and hygienic throughout the day. With the current coronavirus pandemic, offices are emphasising hand hygiene and implementing portable handwashing stations in place. 

All our water coolers are provided throughout Kent, London and the South East. Since hydration can have a significant impact on workers’ productivity, having access to water is only a good thing. All coolers are environmentally friendly as possible with high quality water dispensed from each machine. 

We install and maintain all our equipment included in our flexible contracts, so you’re able to focus on other aspects of employee engagement and running your business. 





We provide leading vending facilities that keep both you and your employees happy. From drinks to hot meals and healthy snacks, we’ve got you covered.



For the office and general catering use we stock Fairtrade filter coffee, Fairtrade tagged tea bags, catering tea bags, sachets and Fairtrade coffee granules in tins for you company’s needs.



We provide incup machines with a variety of offerings, so you can select the right drinks to suit you and your business. We stock both Fairtrade and standard 73mm products. The Fairtrade FAIRKUPPS range includes white and black coffee, decaf coffee, cafe latte, cappuccino, white leaf tea and soups. We also stock Kenco 76mm in-cup paper cups.



Disposables items include recyclable paper vending cups, and a range of 8, 12 and 16oz single and double wall cups suitable for coffee shops and takeaways.