From hospital waiting rooms and leisure centres, to office blocks and warehouse depots, Fairtrade vending provides coffee and hot drink vending machines for rental in London, Kent, and the South East. For a free site visit to assess your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch today to discuss your requirements with us. 

Our Tea and Coffee Vending Machines for hire

For a cheaper alternative to coffee shops, many people prefer using a coffee vending machine that saves them money. Having this option available to appease customers whilst they wait or hydrate workers during a long shift is a huge benefit to your business. Hot drinks on the go are vital for busy lifestyles, so having a hot drink vending machine available is a business-savvy solution. 

Fairtrade vending provide quality vending machines and vending machine supplies including healthy snacks, tea, coffee, and meals when required. We tailor our flexible contracts to suit your business needs, whether you’re supplying a small car dealership or a large office. 

Our experts are also able to provide socially distant, onsite visits for restocking, repair and servicing when required, so your hot drink vending machine can stay operational. To discuss your requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

The Benefits of Snack Vending Machine Rental

Placing our vending machines in convenient, high footfall locations can be extremely beneficial for your business. As well as providing an extra income stream, customers and employees will be satisfied and have an improved experience when they visit your business. 

Whether customers are looking for a nice cup of tea, a cappuccino or a hot chocolate, our highquality range is bound to meet their needs. We’ll consult with you to identify your needs, which products would be the most suitable, as well as negotiating the length of your contract with us. 

You can select a wide range of well-known brands to fill your hot drinks vending machines, all of which are Fairtrade. Customers can pay for their items using cash or contactless depending on your machine preferences.

How we can Help

  • Hassle-free Servicing and Maintenance– Occasionally vending machines will become out of order with prolonged use. Our expert team will be on hand to assist you as soon as possible, so your machine can return to normal use with call-out repairs as well as regular servicing. 
  • Flexible hiring contracts- We understand that business can be unpredictable. Therefore, our contracts are extremely flexible, and we can decide on the length of your contract with us. We have both short and long-term hire available. 
  • Outstanding service – Our efficient maintenance team can help when needed with restocking and keeping your machine fresh and clean. All vending machines can be regularly sanitised when restocked, so hygiene levels can be maintained. 
  • Hassle-free delivery– We can set up and install at the most convenient time for you, minimising business disruption. 

If you’re interested in coffee and hot drink vending machine rental services in Kent, London and The South Eastfill in our online contact form or call 0800 043 0435 today.