Safer User Experience

Safer User Solutions for the Workplace

Fairtrade Vending specialise in the supply of protective solutions for the office, school, factory, business and healthcare sector. Our hands free solutions for drink selection and payment means staff and visitors do not have to physically touch equipment or use coins thereby helping to reduce the spread of the virus in the workplace.

Our innovative solutions include:

  • Distance selection buttons (contactless)
  • Contactless payments on vending machines
  • Anti microbial shields to fit over existing touch keypads
  • Nayax cashless payment systems
  • VPOS Point-of-sale solutions
  • Crane Payment Innovations
  • Hands-free foot pedal water coolers

Air Touch Distance Selection

Nayax Cashless Payment Systems

VPOS Point-of-sale Solutions

Anti-Microbial Shields

Foot Pedal Operated Water Coolers

Apple and Android Pay

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