Vitro M3 Espresso Machine

Luxury beverages made with fresh milk

The Vitro M3 has a comprehensive menu of espresso and fresh milk based coffees from velvety cappuccinos to layered latte macchiatos and hot chocolates. The combination of using the high pressure brewing system with fresh milk ensures that the final beverages are truly stunning in taste, texture and presentation. The Fresh Milk technology assures that the proper milk consistency is reached in all the recipes with a single touch.

Vitro’s smoked glass door and touch screen user interface displays a realistic and elegant menu, providing a state of the art look which will complements any location. The user display, together with the cup positioning lighting system and intuitive tray position guides the user through a simple and pleasant experience when ordering a hot drink.

Customisable mood lighting along the door can be easily changed to the desired colour to match any environment. The intelligent lighting system for the dispense area and beverage locator can be changed to suit the environment.

The Vitro Fresh Milk incorporates a range of soluble products including dry milk. This allows the operator to switch to dry milk during periods where the fresh milk system cannot be maintained (weekends for example).

  • 10 Luxury continental style hot beverages
  • Made with fresh milk
  • Brews with 9bar pressure for perfect espresso
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Stylish drink icon buttons
  • Customisable mood lighting
  • Touch screen user experience
  • Cutting edge technology
  • 5 litre milk fridge
  • Office
  • Staff room
  • Golf Club
  • Car Showroom
  • Reception Area
  • Shop
  • Pub
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Garden Centre
  • Drink selections: 10
  • Power: 220-240V 3 KW
  • Height: 790mm
  • Width: 430mm
  • Depth: 550mm
  • Coin control
  • Media screen

State-of-the-art machine serving coffee shop quality beverages made with fresh milk